My top 5(actually 7) Most important Philly Sports figures of the last 50 years

When I saw the Jimmy Rollins trade to the Dodgers for virtually nothing, I started thinking about where he fits into Philly sports lore.Since we live in a "what have you done for me lately world", I understand, yet am kinda perplexed at the fans negative reaction to a guy who is an all-time great in this city and how we discard them when things go bad due to bad management decisions

The verdict is in. Eagles should just tank for Mariota now!

First off, as most of you know, I AM PHILLY thru and thru. No one is more demonized, energized or pasteurized when it comes to watching my teams, but NO team dredges up the kind of vitriol and silliness we see and hear like the Philadelphia Eagles. In an era when fans - and even some "media" - are self proclaimed "experts", we have become so obsessed with winning a SB, we are willing to discard even what appears to be a quick reboot after 13 years of Andy Reid.

PodCast Number 2 taping tonight!

Seems like a month ago, but we resume the podcast action with our 2nd taping tonight from 6 to 8pm at the Residences at Dockside.  Since this is a private building on the Delaware River in Penns Landing with limited parking for guests , we have invited a small group of listeners who emailed Miss Robin and we look forward to seeing you guys. The podcast should be up on the site by 10pm for all to hear. Lots to talk about! NFL remains king as even the MNF game between Pittsburgh and Houston on ESPN outdrew the World Series game 1 on Fox. Why?  We'll explore.

Phila Eagles about to get back into action after the bye week and have a tough stretch in the next month that could decide - at the minimum - whether than will repeat as NFC East champs or settle for a wild card. Arizona has not been kind to the Birds and we'll break it down at levels not often times heard on boring over-the-air radio pablum.

NBA about to crank up for real next week. And I feel honored to discuss it in the "Mecca of mediocrity", The "Temple of Tanking"  Philadelphia Pa, home of one of the NBA's storied franchises. The  Phila 76'ers got a win most fans actually like from the owners this week.  Most know my sentiments on this issue and the league owners about face on Draft Lottery reform was more head scratching than most of the elections about to take place.

If you don't get why the pro sports leagues and college outfits want to stop Atlantic City from saving itself with court proceedings to stop legalized sports betting at the suddenly sinking shore resort, we'll get an expert view from the epicenter of sports betting. John Avelo from Wynn Las Vegas will explain why legalized gambling works and what he thinks of the fight to stop it in AC.

Kyle Scott of will give us some of the best of the worst in sports. Twitter legend and week 1 sensation Joe @Corrado_19 will be in the house and a very special appearance from the legendary "MAMA Bruno".

We have a new way to improve the first week cell phone issues with guests and callers and will unsheathe it tonight on the podcast.

Also working to update this blog and add more content on a daily basis. Will start post a separate: Original, Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Lock  section to release my weekly NFL Thursday, Sunday and Mr Monday Night picks.

Our next podcast is next Thursday, Oct 30th from Noon to 2pm at Tony's Luke - Front and Oregon in South Philly.  All are welcomed to stop by, grab a great Tony Luke's cheesesteak and help us kick start the annual Toys for Tots drive for less fortunate children in the Delaware Valley.


My thoughts, latest podcast info & MNF pick too!

Lots of developments lately with the podcast, shows and my random thoughts about STUFF! First off, we just have set up a podcast for this THURSDAY, OCT 23RD from 6 to 8pm at the one and only on the Delaware River in the beautiful Penns Landing area of historic Philadelphia. Yes, I know it's only an elevator ride down to the phenomenal 4th floor club room for me, but it'll be a chance to get caught up, and YOU may be part of a limited,  invite only audience in our beautiful building. (Details on your involvement to follow)

After another crazy week in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are the only 6-1 team and seem to have the easiest path to winning the NFC East with 9 games to go.  As America's foremost Cowboy hater (born that way and  properly raised as a yute)..I could go the " wait till December when Romo chokes" route, but this isn't the Dallas team where Romo is asked to bail them out with a dumb forced pass late in a game like the last 8 years. Jerry Jones has micromanaged this team with horrible picks and hiring puppets as coaches and staff for almost 2 decades, but his recent decisions to use top picks on blockers is paying big dividends as the Boys now have the best O Line in the NFL. Put DeMarco Murray behind it - add a host of solid weapons  -and Tony Romo no longer is the sitting duck who to has to carry his team like Russell Wilson in Seattle or Cam Newtown in Carolina are trying to do this season.

Dallas has had 2 scares in the first 6 after losing at home to the 49'ers by 11 pts in the opener;  that furious comeback against the pesky Rams to win by 3 in St Louis, and what looked like a signature win against the Seahawks in Seattle - until we realize that the defending champs are in a rut and haven't played well for 3 straight weeks, starting with that Thursday night debacle where Russell Wilson had to run for over 100 yards to beat Washington. Not taking anything away from Dallas, but it's all about how well your playing and how well your opponent is playing in the ups and downs of an NFL season. Good example is the Eagles shaky 5-and-1 start. Pundits look at how they had to rally to win their first 3 games after brutal starts, but they also had to endure missing 3 of their best O Linemen and that allowed teams to key on stopping the Eagles run game and pressuring Nick Foles to pass with no run threat to worry about. Losing in San Francisco by 5 to a Niners team looking for their first win in the new Levis stadium, the Eagles were held to 22 yards rushing, no offensive TD's and stayed in it because of 3 scores from defense and special teams. The moral to the story is you win the games your supposed to and stay healthy, you should make the playoffs. In their final 9,  Dallas has a tough Arizona team and the Indy Colts both at home. They should win at Jacksonville and what looked like a potential loss on paper at Chicago, now could be an easy win based on whether the bumbling Bears right the ship or continue to fall apart as the season moves on.  The final 5 vs NFC East teams will eventually determine if Dallas is a 10-11-12 or maybe even a 13 win team?

The Eagles have a killer schedule going TO Arizona, Houston and Green Bay 3 of the next 4 weeks. They get an up and down Carolina team at home, should beat Tennessee at home and who knows which Seattle team they'll see with 4 games left to go in the season. Dallas twice, and going for the sweeps against Washington and the Giants on the road will also probably decide if they win the division or get a wild card. 9-7, 10-6 or even 11-wins might be the best the bird gang can pull off if  the O-L health and run game allow this high powered offense to keep scoring points. The rapidly improving defense and stunning special teams play are also the X factors that could make the Eagles very dangerous if all 3 facets of the team click down the stretch, but if Dallas stays healthy and doesn't run DeMarco Murray into the ground with too many carries, the Cowboys chokers label would become billboard sized if they don't win the NFC East this year.

Locks of Luck! People have been wondering where my damn NFL picks have been and I apologize for not getting them up here. Lost my Monday Night Pick last week when the Rams imploded against the Niners, but TONIGHT, I will look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to show up at home and  find a way to beat and cover the 3 pts against the Houston Texans. Steelers have been erratic and hard to figure this season, but if they stink it up tonight, this could be the start of a major shakeup for the once mighty Stihlers.  All over the Packers and Broncos on Sunday: Simply stealing money!

Speaking of betting. Congrats to NJ Gov  Chris Christie for finally signing the sports betting bill into law. Sadly, this is about 4 years too late. Many of the casinos are failing and the top reason is NOT having sports betting to give thousands incentive to hang out in AC every Saturday and Sunday from Sept thru the long cold winter beyond March madness and the returning crowds when weather improves in the spring. With all of the brilliant minds out there, why couldn't they see this is what was needed to combat the surge of Casinos in the Philly area?  Now, the hypocrites who run the NFL and other sports leagues are suing to have this stopped being implemented  this Sunday. The NFL, which gleefully promotes the gazillion dollar Fantasy Football gambling racket -  and has no problem with Vegas casinos taking action - is among the leagues suing to stop NJ sports betting.  Even freakin Delaware has parlay betting for several years and that gets lots of  action on Sundays in the Diamond state.  How many thousands of jobs would be saved with casino gambling in AC?  Billions are spent illegally on the NFL alone every year and which jobs are those dollars creating? Hey, I get it, Uncle Nunzio is adding an addition to his joint in Somers Point, NJ and needs a new heart shaped tub at his Pocono Mountain retreat, but those who can't go to AC for a weekend of gambling, eating, drinking and spending money will still call the local bookie, so it's just stupid to fight it. I thought America was in favor of "choice". Not when it comes to gambling apparently.

Again, thanks for checking in. If you want to be an invited guest  for this Thursdays podcast taping at Dockside, please contact and tell her why you should be here. Our next open to all podcast is next Thursday, Oct 30th at the world famous Tony Luke's in South Philadelphia. Note: this is a daytime taping from Noon to 2pm. We'll help kick off the Toys for Tots campaign to help less fortunate kids have a gift to open this upcoming Holiday and Christmas season.










Oh, What a NIGHT!

  Thank you! in typewriter

It was a long time coming and thankfully, our first Podcast came off with only a few minor phone glitches. We learned that Verizon cell service is better than Sprint in South Jersey and thank Rachel,  Josh and Jared (with his adorable 8-month old baby daughter) for letting us use their phones to call our guests. To show what a "family" our listeners have become, Jared even had Jose from Norristown's number already in his phone!

Want to thank all of the wonderful people who jammed into the Jughandle Inn on a Monday night. Familiar faces like Patty Tyson Purks, Tony Solorzano from LA, Big Tone(Sepielli) and his buddies, Aaron Cohen, Phil di Carlo, who bought my old sofa, Jim from Cheltenham and so many Twitter friends who we finally got to meet and have some "Grape Gatorades" with after the show. Joe @Corrado_19 was our first ever "twitter legend" to sit down and be a major contributor/co host and he was brilliant! Even finally got to meet @FakeCoatsey who is another one of our twitter gold contributors. Can't forget the beautiful Crystal at the main bar who is simply amazing as a bartender and cheerful human.

Miss Robin Austin and I had lots of editing to do due to the the phone issues, but finally at 3am, we got it done and posted for all to hear. I was pleasantly surprised at the audio quality and the phone issues will be all fixed for our next show.

Lucky to have great friends who called in as guests for the maiden voyage as well. My former Fox Sports Radio morning Extravaganza co-host Andrew Siciliano who is killing it on the "Red Zone" channel and the NFL network in LA. David Boreanaz from the hit show "Bones" on Fox heading into an amazing 10th season. No bigger hockey fan in the entertainment business than David. My bud Brian Baldinger checked in on NFL talk and Kyle Scott from was on the scene to update us on the off the field action in and around the Sunday Night Football game at Lincoln Financial Field. Plus, we had to have an appearance from the great Jose from Norristown who always delights the crowd with his signature "What Up! salutation.

And also must truly thank the sponsors who made it possible. Kevin Stone of the, who has always been awesome to us and even gave away a Darren Sproles Jersey in our pop-up trivia quiz. The fine folks at Aversa Bakery, The choice of so many businesses and families. for info on all they offer, including prepared Italian speciality foods, catering and holiday gift baskets.  And also have to thank Mike Fitzpatrick at Keller Williams. His team serving 13 counties in PA and NJ and can help you sell or buy your home

Our next sponsored stop is at the legendary @TonyLuke's at Front and Oregon in South Philly on Thursday, Oct 30th. Note that this Podcast is from Noon to 2pm as we "do lunch" and help kick off the 34th annual "Toys for Tots" A.B.A.T.E  Motorcycle Toy run for the kids Biker parade Info at



Tonight's the NIGHT!

  I'm back!

Haven't been this nervous or excited about a new venture in decades and some have told me that's a good sign.

We start the new Tony Bruno Show - "the Podcast" tonight from 7 to 9 at the Jughandle Inn on Rt 73 in Cinnaminson, NJ so the loyal fans can be a part of it and I thank you for all of the loyal support over the last 3 plus months.

Expect the same fun approach I've brought to the radio for 40 years along with surprise guests, t-shirt and other giveways and  we'll mix in some phone calls as we iron out that system and will have a microphone for YOU to step up and speak your mind without the micromanaged phone line screening you get on local radio.

Excited to have Kyle Scott and the Crossing site involved as well. It has become the go-to destination for the Philly sports and off the field events that we all crave and need to know in these days of social media info that you can't get on paranoid and PC obsessed terrestrial radio. Don't want to knock the radio biz I love, but just stating facts about having flexibility which seemingly no longer exists. We will be responsible and respectful while trying to maintain the snarky humor and irreverence being a sports fan brings out of all of us.

My partner, confidant and most loyal supporter Miss Robin Austin will also be a part of the live shows, adding the female opinions and perspectives she brought to our national "Into the Night" shows from LA. Without her tireless efforts to build the website, go through walls to get the podcast, sponsors and technical stuff needed to pull this off, I wouldn't be able to get this new program up and running. She will post the podcast late tonight and yes, they will be available through this website and are supposed to be on iTunes as well. Also want to thank Drew Montemayor, who helped immensely with the design and art work on the site. You can see more of his great work at

Hopefully, there won't be many glitches on our maiden voyage. We are hoping to bring a live stream of the show in the near future, so listeners can hear it live and call in during the show. Our new "Beautiful" t-shirts will be available soon as well. You will be able to purchase them in our store and we've made them very affordable in a world of overpriced stuff. Once they arrive, we will give some away at each event to further thank you for supporting the show and sponsors.

Hope to shake you hand, slap your back and kiss your babies tonight at the Jughandle Inn. Kevin and Nicole Stone aren't just great business owners and loyal supporters over the years, they are truly great friends and we appreciate their support. We will do the show from 7 to 9 and then hang out to have some wings and quality products with you afterwards. And yes, Mr Monday Night WILL unsheath a "Stone Cold, Mr MN Lead Pipe LOCK!

Oh, and btw, it is national "No Bra Day", so ladies, dress accordingly. I don't make the rules, I simply pass along the information as any true journalist would.



Finally Coming Together!

Welcome everyone! It's been a crazy last few months since I left the radio airwaves, but thanks to a lot of hard work and wonderful support, the new Podcast is getting closer to reality.

Why Podcasts some are asking. Isn't that a major step down from real "over the air" radio? After exhaustive research and looking at some of the best run podcasts in a sea of online and streamed content of all types, the most successful ones are those done by radio folks with track records like Adam Carolla and several others with loyal followings.

Podcasting on a website, I-Tunes and other apps or non-terrestrial radio gives the audience WHAT they want - the ability to listen to their favorite shows - WHEN they are ready to listen.

So many listeners would tell me they would catch my 10 to noon show driving home, at night or the next morning when they wanted an alternative to what was available live on radio. The ability to track how many people listened also was a more legit means of showing concrete numbers to advertisers, as opposed to the totally vague and non-scientific guessing game called radio audience ratings which use a small sampling of people to represent an entire area of over 1-million people.

We have lined up our first 2 podcasts and the fact that these loyal friends are supporting this new venture goes back to producing results by having listeners come out to support the show by supporting the sponsors. So, in essence, it's a way the sponsor sees immediate results and the listeners and followers get to hang out and be a part of the fun new show we hope to give everyone. The Jughandle Inn on Rt 73 in Cinnaminson, NJ(home of the Tony Bruno Wings)has always been a great place for our live shows and the owners Kevin and Nicole Stone have become good friends as well. We thank them for being a part of the very first podcast next Monday night, Oct 13th from 7 to 10pm. We will do our thing from 7 to 9pm, record the program for 2 hours, then hang out and mingle for another hour afterwards till 10. The podcast will be up for all to hear the next day - Tuesday, Oct 14th on the website:

We will have a live microphone so you can step up and comment or react. Miss Robin Austin will assist and be a part of the fun as well. She has worked tirelessly putting the website and many of the components together, just as she did on the national "Into The Night" show we did together from Los Angeles.

Yes, I will have many of the sound drops you all like. Yes, we will have call in guests, and soon, the ability for listeners to call in while we tape it live. We also welcome your suggestions on what YOU want to hear for the 2 hours. There will be no commercial breaks where we go away for 10 minutes as our great sponsors will be acknowledged during the show.

Thanks again for all of your kind words and we hope you will like and support the new venture.