Week 12 #StoneColdLeadPipeLocks - Let's get down to the business YO!

Week 12 #StoneColdLeadPipeLocks - Let's get down to the business YO!

The longest weekend of the year will come crashing to a halt tonight, but not before we feast on another heaping helping of Left-Over, but fresh out the kitchen LOCKS.

Coming off a 4-1 Week 11 Sunday and skipped the Thanksgiving Day Turkeys, so let's get down to the business yo!

#NFL Week 10 #StoneColdLeadPipeLocks

#NFL Week 10 #StoneColdLeadPipeLocks

I will be working around the house doing plumbing and electrical work, but due to contractual obligations with the NFL, degenerate gamblers and Vegas houses, I am releasing 4 Stone Cold Locks..

LOCKtober is in FULL EFFECT!

LOCKtober is in FULL EFFECT!

For the first time this season, we have a board full of games with only 1 team - Pittsburgh- favored to win by more than a TD (8 pt favs over Jacksonville)

We have the battle of 2 of the 0-4 teams and a lot of games where a field goal could be the difference.

Week 10 Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Lock!

Lots of low numbers today as we turn the corner into the 2nd half of the NFL season.

Time to get some winners for the Thanksgiving Feast and early Christmas shopping.

Read that if you just bet AGAINST Cleveland and the 49'ers and WITH the New England Patriots and Dallas this season, you'd be 29-5 against the spread. Thankfully I stopped getting sucked into the Browns on Thursday night like most logical folks.

4 picks for your dining and dancing pleasure...

Going with 4 favorites. Jags stink, but they're home and the Gus bus may be impounded if they don't get a win at home. Going with Jacksonville + 2 against Houston.

Carolina is a FG fav at home against KC. I have to lay the 3 and take the Panthers

Dallas has been a machine, but Pittsburgh needs to reset their season with a big win. Rematch of SB XXX when Neil O Donnell was the Cowboys best friend. I'm going Steelers - 3 at home

and the Sunday Night game should be a decent one. Pats home vs Seattle. Seahawks getting better but the Pats are even better. Lay the 6 1/2 and go with New England

For amusement only, of course


Week 9, I Hate DST, Stone-Cold, Lead-Pipe Locks!!!

As someone who suffers from SAD (no, not a bad week of NFL selection of which I've had zero - except a bunch of 2-2 Sundays) I hate when we switch from Daylight Savings Time to shorter, earlier darkness for the next 5 months. It's the dumbest idea ever and servers no purpose!

Now, on with the Sunday Selections.Coming off a 3-1 Sunday where my only loser was by 1/2 pt as the Browns couldn't find a way to cover the 3.

The games start taking on bigger meaning for many teams as we make the turn into the 2nd half of this season. The Philadelphia Eagles are on of those teams on the brink of making or breaking what started out as a surprisingly better than expected season at 3-and-0, but have lost 3 pf their last 4 since. They have OWNED Eli Manning and the Giants the last 9 games at the meadowlands, going 8-1 there. New coaches on both sidelines, but I have to take the Birds today, simply because they would drop to 0-3 in their own division and the G-Men haven't been lighting anyone up so far this season. Philly PLUS the 3...

Minnesota's offense is sooo bad Norv Turner bolted this week, realizing they can't run what he wants, so Pat Shurmur re-unites with Sam Bradford AGAIN as the Vikes are back home and face a decent Detroit team in a huge game to re-right the suddenly sinking Longship. I'm laying the 6 1/2 with Minnesota

I smell a couple of trap games, but I won't go with really bad teams hoping for a cover..i.e..Cleveland getting 7 1/2 at home vs Dallas or Jacksonville getting 7 1/2 at KC..so you know both of those dogs will cover, right?  Enter with caution.

The Baltimore-Pittsburgh game will be interesting. Ravens have lost 4 straight, Pittsburgh 2 in a row. Big Ben is coming back and you know isn't 100% and even if he is, it's been a hell hole for him down in that joint for a while. Must win for Baltimore..Lay the 2 1/2

Out in LA, the Rams have set in the west while Carolina is showing signs of snapping out of its trance this season. now that Cam Newton has alerted the commish about him not getting any calls for late and dirty hits, expect the flags to fly non-stop in what should be an ugly game. Cam stops whining and the PANTHERS win and cover the 3 1/2

For Amusement Only!!!!!





Week 8 Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Locks!

Half way in and many teams still have us baffled as to why they are so inconsistent and in many cases, so freakin bad!

Let's start off with the up and down Houston texans, They are perfect at home, suck on the road. Today they're home against an upstart Detroit team. Brock Osweiler has been awful, but gets it done and the Texans win and cover the 1 1/2 pt spread

They've been killing me all year and today is the last time I go to the well with the Cleveland Browns. The J-E-T-S suck, such, suck and the Dawg pound gets a treat as they trick the Jets and the Browns get their first win as 2 1/2 pt dogs at home

The Bills made a dumb mistake putting Shady McCoy out there last week and today they pay for it. That Tom Brady guy is back and the Bills will feel his wrath as the Pats get revenge and cover the 6 in Buffalo.

Another team needing to put up or fold up is the Carolina Panthers. They've been downright brutal on offense and losing Josh Norman has hurt the defense as well. They are 2 1/2 pt favorites over Arizona at home. They win and cover the number

For Amusement and extra Halloween Candy purposes only!


Week 7 Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Locks!

The nights are getting cold, the leaves are beginning to fall and it's time to warm up the Sunday selections as we are almost at the midpoint of this crazy NFL season.

Have to start in Philly as Sam Bradford returns with the unbeaten Vikings. Minnesota is clicking and coming off a bye. Eagles have been a sieve on defense the last 2 games and couldn't protect Carson Wentz against Washington with a new right tackle. The whole world says Minnesota, but something tells me the Eagles find a way to win and this Philly team will continue to baffle us again. Taking the Eagles +3

The Bengals have been a weird team this year. Cleveland should have at least 1 win, but still doesn't know how to close. This is a bitter rivalry and the Browns always show up. Thus, I'm taking Cleveland plus the 11 pts to keep it close enough for a cover

Everybody seems to be back on the Tennessee bandwagon now that they've straightened things out. Titans at home against a desperate Colts team and are favored by 3 1/2. Indy needs this a whole lot more and have lost by a FG the last 2 weeks. I'm reluctantly taking the Colts +3 1/2 and praying for the hook to save me.

Finally, I'll take Pittsburgh at home getting 7 against New England. No Big Ben, but as much of a machine Tom Brady is, the Steelers still have too many weapons to make this a close game.

For Amusement Only, of course! 



Week 6 Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks!

Been slogging along this Locktober, but now it's time to get down to some serious winning!

For the first time this season, 6 teams are at least a touchdown or more favorites and one - Miami is a solid TD dog at home.

Tom Brady showed no rust in his return from suspension on the road and today he's back in Foxboro and Vegas expects a beat down of a banged up and listless Cincinnati team. Pats opened as 8 pt picks, went up to 9 and the line has leveled off at 7 as The Bengals are a desperate team trying to turn things around. Still going with Pats -7. Brady is on a mission to destroy the entire NFL. 

Cam Newton is back for the struggling Carolina Panthers and they're in New Orleans where the Saints have no juice or defense. Put up or shut up time for the defending NFC champs. I'll take the Panthers and lay the 3.

The San Francisco 49'ers shuffle into Buffalo as truly bad football team and Colin Kaepernick now gets the keys and hopes spending the first 5 weeks on 1 knee is better than being on his back all day. Bills have turned things around and are now 9 pt favs over Chip Kelly's woeful offense. I hate to law that many points, but looking at that Niners roster, Chip is probably looking at the best available college job as this experiment has failed in record time. Bills -9 is the pick

Best offense versus the best defense in Seattle as the late games are the best on the docket. Seattle a 6 1/2 favorite at home against a high flying Atlanta Falcons team. Hawks have their mojo back and finally slow down the dirty birds winning by more than a TD. Seattle - 6 1/2

For Amusement Only

Week 5 Stone Cold Locktober picks!

No debating it, we're ready for winners, not political losers in Week 5!

Desperate times for many desperate teams. This weeks schedule had 8 of the 12  teams with 1-3 records facing off against each other and the 49'ers were the first to fall to 1-4 after Thursday nights loss to the now 2-3 Arizona Cardinals .

After week 5 wraps on on MNF, 3 other teams will fall to 1-4 for sure and 3 other 1-3 squads could also be in deep do-do at 1-4 with a loss.

Let's deal with the 3 remaining unbeatens first.

The Phila Eagles coming off a buy after a scorching 3-0 start are in Detroit and many so called "experts" have this pegged as the upset of the week and one can understand the sentiment. Will the week off cool down the birds or are the Lions at home primed to salvage their season like they did after last years rough start? Lions are banged up, Eagles are fresh, but even the most die-hard of Philly supporters are still unsure of whether this is a dream or reality. I have to take the Eagles and lay the 3 1/2. Lions have no roar under Jim Caldwell.

Minnesota is 4-and-0 and at home against a Houston Texans team with a QB that has more interceptions than touchdowns. Both defenses are good, Vikings is great and I think they cover the 6 1/2 and go to 5 and 0 against the Texans

I've been touting the Denver Broncos since pre-season as better than last years SB squad and yet have picked against them with the pts the last 2 weeks. They go with rookie QB Paxton Lynch at home against the NFLs best offense, the Atlanta Falcons.  Unfortunately for the dirty birds, their defense is carrion and thus Denver wins and covers the 5 1/2 at home.

Finally, I'll go back to Indy where the Colts defense has been killing this team for several seasons and Andrew Luck is trying to stay alive on the field and in the playoff hunt. Bears got a win but are still not good. Indy needs it badly. Laying the 4 1/2 with the Colts

For AMUSEMENT only, except where gambling is legal.




Week FOUR Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Locks!

Week FOUR Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Locks!

LOCKTOBER is finally here and time to get serious and start piling up early Halloween and Holiday Cash.

Mediocre 2-2 last Sunday and a hear a lot of dogs barking today. Not just a 3-dog night..I'm going on a 4-Dog Day and Night on this first Sunday in October.

Mr Monday Night week 4 Stone Cold Lock!

The man, the myth, the original Mr Monday Night has been rolling with 3 straight MNF ATS winners.

Tonight in the SuperDome, the Saints are up against it and know falling to 0-3 would pretty much  cook their gooses, or is it geese? 

Atlanta has had trouble against the Saints over the years, but New Orleans has sucked at home since 2014, losing 10 of their last 14 and going 4-10-1 ATS.

Vegas has this game ay -3 New Orleans and as much as we all know their defense stinks like beer and urine drenched Bourbon Street at 4am, I have to take Drew Brees and company to salvage the season.

Saints, minus the 3.

Bonus selection. I also like Donald Trump in the 1st big debate tonight. When you need 4 days to be coached up and stage mock drafts up until kick off, you have issues. Trump a double digit lock to floor Hillary Clinton tonight

For political hack amusement only!