Are you Ready for Conference Championship Locks?

I've waited till  this close to kickoff to make my final picks for todays' Conference championship games, as weather and wind conditions will be huge. No ice and snow, but wind and rain in both games.

We start at 3:05 eastern..just after noon in the west as Seattle's Qwest for back to back Super Bowls remains at home and 7 1/2 pt favorite status against a Packers team that still has nightmares of that damn loss at Buffalo - which cost them the Lambeau advantage. We all know the difference of Aaron Rodgers on the road vs home and that calf injury won't feel much better in the dampness and with the Starbucks fueled fans in Seattle. The Hawks defense is fierce and the Pack better get Eddie Lacy going early and often, or the opportunistic Legion of Boom and efficient Seattle offense could make any potential double digit comeback almost impossible for the warrior Rodgers. You know I love my Green Bay Packers, but no one is playing better than the Seahawks right now. I will lay the 7 1/2 and take Seattle.

Just after 6pm in the east. In New England, we know the Pats have owned the Colts in the short career of Andrew Luck. He's lost 5 straight at Foxboro, all by at least 20 pts, has 6 tds and 8 ints with a QBR of only 67.7 up there. Looks like a Pats blowout, right? Not so fast my friends! Luck is not the same guy, as he keeps getting better and better at finding ways to lead his team farther each year. The Pats eschew the running game and that could be a factor today. Brady is a legend, but his lack of mobility may be the key for the Colts tonight in a wet, muddy and windy Gillette stadium. Luck's ability to move may be what allows the Colts to not only COVER the 6 1/2 pt spread, but allow him to be in position to pull the outright stunner of an upset. Will it happen? Not sure. Can it happen? I think so, thus I take Mr Luck with the numbers.

For amusement only, of course.  24-6 in my last 30 NFL selections, including a stupefying 4-and-0 versus the spread last weekend, if you're scoring at home. And, if you are, congratulations, it's too nasty to be doing anything outside today.