Crazy week means an even crazier weekend!

The last few days have been insane to say the least.  Trying to respond to so many people commenting here, on Twitter and Facebook has been a challenge and I will try to do as many as I can as we prepare for some fun stuff ahead. Heading to NYC today to do one of my last "Bruno Bash" segments with Keith Olbermann on ESPN 2. at 5pm eastern. Many who are polarized by politics like to condemn Keith for his views, but he has been a loyal and great friend for 35 years through thick and thin and his friendship has helped me become better on radio and in my tv career as well over those years. As for speculation that he and I orchestrated our departures on the same day due to some pre-arranged plan to do something on TV, satellite or terrestrial radio together is not true as we haven't spoken privately since the last time I was in NY on June 11th. Don't know what's next for Keith as his contract expires, but we will remain friends, no matter what lies ahead.

As mentioned in my statement on Wednesday, my retirement is from long-form terrestrial or extra terrestrial radio. We have been doing a weekly podcast on blogtalkradio since the beginning of the year and have a line-up of fun remote location shows this summer to get out and about among fans and friends around the Philadelphia/NJ area, then more national locations. These live, online shows are a source of fun and allow me to control my own content and interact with live phone callers from all over. Our plans are to travel the show around the country as many of our podcast fans are from all over.

Robin Austin produces and is a big part of this effort, just like she was when we worked together on the nationally syndicated "Into the Night" show from LA for 3 years. One of our great Twitter followers Joe Corrado was invited to sit in, at one of our live remotes and his quick wit and brilliant tweets has made him a fan favorite ever since. Luigi Curto is also a listener and his desire to learn about the radio business led us to bring him on as an intern/phone screener and over the months, he has become a producer, as well as on air contributor. I got a lot of help growing up in this business and helping others learn the ropes is my way of paying it forward.

We will update you on where the podcasts will be, the days and times so you can come out to join us live. You can listen live or via the myriad of apps that carry the show (i.e. Stitcher, iTunes, TuneInRadio etc, etc) after the live show ends. The main site is

We will be live at Rita's Water Ice this Sunday, July 12th from Noon to 2 in Furlong, Pa. Rita's has become our main sponsor this summer and we're psyched to be heading to many great locations thru August.

I also want to continue my charity work. Tomorrow (Saturday, July 11th) I will be participating in a flag football game at Wells Fargo Center after the Philadelphia SOUL  game. ESPN's Kenny Mayne and many other celebs in Wounded Warriors Amputees vs Phila's NFL alumni, led by Ron Jaworski.  All Military FREE admission. I'll play on team Jaws and be rushing the passer Kenny Mayne. Should be fun for a great cause! Rumors abound that another guy named Kenny may be stopping by since he's in South Philly for something on Saturday night.

Monday Night, July 13th, we will be hosting a listener appreciation live podcast from Moonshine ( We have invited a bunch of podcast listeners to be VIP members at the event, but the public is invited to stop by and say hi.

For all of the latest, keep coming back to this site for updates and thanks again for the support and comments.

Tony B