Finally Coming Together!

Welcome everyone! It's been a crazy last few months since I left the radio airwaves, but thanks to a lot of hard work and wonderful support, the new Podcast is getting closer to reality.

Why Podcasts some are asking. Isn't that a major step down from real "over the air" radio? After exhaustive research and looking at some of the best run podcasts in a sea of online and streamed content of all types, the most successful ones are those done by radio folks with track records like Adam Carolla and several others with loyal followings.

Podcasting on a website, I-Tunes and other apps or non-terrestrial radio gives the audience WHAT they want - the ability to listen to their favorite shows - WHEN they are ready to listen.

So many listeners would tell me they would catch my 10 to noon show driving home, at night or the next morning when they wanted an alternative to what was available live on radio. The ability to track how many people listened also was a more legit means of showing concrete numbers to advertisers, as opposed to the totally vague and non-scientific guessing game called radio audience ratings which use a small sampling of people to represent an entire area of over 1-million people.

We have lined up our first 2 podcasts and the fact that these loyal friends are supporting this new venture goes back to producing results by having listeners come out to support the show by supporting the sponsors. So, in essence, it's a way the sponsor sees immediate results and the listeners and followers get to hang out and be a part of the fun new show we hope to give everyone. The Jughandle Inn on Rt 73 in Cinnaminson, NJ(home of the Tony Bruno Wings)has always been a great place for our live shows and the owners Kevin and Nicole Stone have become good friends as well. We thank them for being a part of the very first podcast next Monday night, Oct 13th from 7 to 10pm. We will do our thing from 7 to 9pm, record the program for 2 hours, then hang out and mingle for another hour afterwards till 10. The podcast will be up for all to hear the next day - Tuesday, Oct 14th on the website:

We will have a live microphone so you can step up and comment or react. Miss Robin Austin will assist and be a part of the fun as well. She has worked tirelessly putting the website and many of the components together, just as she did on the national "Into The Night" show we did together from Los Angeles.

Yes, I will have many of the sound drops you all like. Yes, we will have call in guests, and soon, the ability for listeners to call in while we tape it live. We also welcome your suggestions on what YOU want to hear for the 2 hours. There will be no commercial breaks where we go away for 10 minutes as our great sponsors will be acknowledged during the show.

Thanks again for all of your kind words and we hope you will like and support the new venture.