From Domination to Desperation to "No Means No". MNF woes.

First off, I must take any and all abuse for making a pick that I knew was wrong when I made it, but felt good about losing on MNF. It hurt my record and hopefully didn't hurt your holiday cash stash, but in the end, the loss felt good. Are there Moral victories for losing football picks? As the great Aaron Rodgers told Packers fans on his radio show last week: RELAX!  I've been trying to say that since week 1 of this NFL season. Eagles fans have crawled the walls watching every gut wrenching game so far and they have all been ulcer inducing, profanity-laced and remote-throwing nightmares to endure towards a 5 and 2 start.

Dallas fans - yes, that includes your adoring national media, and hordes of radio/tv and blogger fanboys - were splashing themselves with stolen Gucci Black perfume from Dillards after beating the Seahawks in Seattle. Then the record swelled to 6 and 1 and even the metroplex call girls were lining up to give Jerry Jones some free lovin'.   The same Cowboys fans who would always remind me of how regular season records and good starts didn't matter, were now clinging to the hopes of seeing a potential Super Bowl for the first time since 1996.  Not sniffing a SB in a generation is hard to fathom when your the anointed "Americas Team",  so premature ejocularity is understandable.

The downtrodden Washington Redskins, who benched Kirk Cousins - a guy many were debating as "better" than the oft-inured franchise wunderkind RG3 just a few short weeks ago, were trotting out a local Texas hero who flailed away on a dismal Browns team for a few years, had a nice view of some playoff games in SF and now was under Jerry's big, artificially enhanced mega-stadium on Monday Night Football.

Colt Mc Coy was a  rusty, didn't eat his wheaties and thus a little weak of arm strength; and if he had a little more juice on his long balls to DeSean Jackson, would have blown the doors off the bumbling, fumbling, stumbling Cowboys early in the contest.

4 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries and a kid who just did an efficient enough job to keep his 10-pt underdog team in the game. Kudos to the Washington defense for confusing the here-to-for impenetrable Cowboys offensive line and rousting Jerry Jones out of his owners box when when Tony Romo was sacked hard and taken out for 31 minutes, presumed not able to return. Brandon Weedon was in, and the rebirth of "failed Cleveland QB's R-US" became the  focal point of what was initially a marquee matchup of 2 storied franchises.

By now, you know the rest. Weeden did okay and actually was the QB when Dallas scored 10 of it's 17 pts, but Dr Jerry Jones determined Tony Romo getting shot-up with pain killers and his bruised back be damned, this was his Willis Reed moment to lead the Cowboys back to a fairy tale win. Alas, horrific Dallas play calling ensued where DeMarco Murray didn't touch the ball for the last 13 snaps of regulation, nor the last 3 of overtime forcing Romo to endure more potential punishment as he eschewed the run deep in his own territory to be the hero with half the season remaining. It should have ended mercifully when an official blew a blatant offensive holding call in the end zone, as that safety would have safely gotten Romo back to the locker room  to survive another week until Arizona dials up beaucoup blitzes again on Sunday in the world largest indoor sports bar/strip club in the NFL.

With all of that drama, upheaval and tumult, the insane clown show finally ended during the post-game, on field interview with Jay Gruden and Colt "gunslinger" Mc Coy'. As Mike Tirico was saying goodbye, ESPN Deportes reporter John Sutcliffe was trying  to grab Mc Coy to get the 2nd live interview, only to be whisked away by Washington PR flack Tony Wylie and the now infamous " No Means No" diatribe. It was a fitting end to the Monday Night version of "Mischief Night"

The moral to this story? Relax! The season is half over. Savor and suffer each agonizing win or loss, unless of course, you're a fan of the NY Jets, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Bucs or Jacksonville Jaguars. For you guys? Sorry I have no answers. Hey, at least Jets fans can listen to portly radio/tv guy Mike Francessa skewer the inept Jets for being inept. Remember when he trashed Phila Fans for mistreating poor Staten Island guy Richie Kotite when we all realized Kotite was a boob head coach? How'd that wish turn out for you Mikey? Give em a loss Duog!

Happy Tuesday kids!  Don't forget. The next live Bruno Podcast is this Thursday, Oct 30th(note the time) Noon to 2 at the world famous Tony Luke's at Front and Oregon in South Philly.     


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