Gearing Up For A Fun Fall Of Football and Podcasts


As most of you are getting in the last weeks of summer vacation, we are turning our attention to an exciting fall where the NFL and college football return and all is good with the world again.

Some really exciting news coming soon about the Tony Bruno Show Podcasts going to the next level.  By now,  you probably know it's my sole focus in life after "over the air radio"

We still get lots of people at our remotes who ask about podcasts and how they differ from radio. Think of it as watching TV. Most don't rush home at 8pm on a given night to watch their favorite shows anymore. It's On-Demand: when you want it, no matter what time you want to watch it. The biggest complaints about over the air radio I've gotten repeatedly over the years are: "I'm not in my car when you are on" or,  "you talk for 10 minutes then go to a commercial break for 7 minutes"

Those 2 biggest gripes are gone in a podcast. The other advantage? We get to do what we want and the audience has a major voice. No longer do I have to deal with 5 managers deciding what works best and what I should talk about as they panic about ratings and saving their own butts. Hey, you wanted to be a manager yet have no idea on how to manage or even do what I do and have done. OUTRAGE!  I say this confidently as someone who walked away from the number 1 rated show in its time slot, so this isn't sour grapes.

After 4 decades, I, thanks to loyal listeners and friends, am in a position to control my own destiny and market my own "brand". So far, the results have been excellent based on the numbers of people in the Philadelphia area and around the country who have supported the Podcast. The biggest difference between over the air radio and podcasts are concrete numbers versus the "skewed" people meter system radio relies on to guesstimate audience.

Our goal is to take the Tony Bruno Show Podcast to remote locations every week to allow our fans to hang out, interact and be a part of the show. Most radio operations charge exorbitant amounts for shows to show up, force you to buy thousands of dollars of advertising, and then basically ignore the client or customers once the hosts show up. What's even worse for the client, is many of the hosts who do their shows live before listeners, don't even want to be there, and treat the listeners (customers) with disdain, apathy or just general disgust. That's NOT what we do with our show as anyone who has been to our podcasts has seen.

We have numerous interested locations looking to do football related shows this fall and winter and want to give you to opportunity to be a part of it as well. You not only get thousands of eyes to see the promotion of the appearance on Twitter and Facebook, you also have a show that many will listen to over and over again as it doesn't end or go away once the show ends thanks to iTunes and the rapidly growing world of podcast listening apps available to anyone with a smart-phone or Wifi on their portable devices. Twitter analytics just reported @tonybrunoshow account is averaging over 2-million impressions a month, so people see my tweets and respond.

No super expensive, long term radio ads to buy, and a friendly, caring crew who comes out, sets up and hangs out with your customers who come out to have fun with us. I'm not a slick salesman, but I do believe in our product and can assure you our friends at Rita's Water Ice, Moonshine, Jughandle Inn and other locations can vouch for the results and ROI you get by buying our show remote.  I can also guarantee that no other radio show/podcast has as much fun with the audience and customers.

Thanks for reading and we're looking forward to hanging out and seeing you guys all fall and winter. Yes, the Tony Bruno Show Podcast is also planning to travel around the country as well, and we are already locked in for our 2nd straight year of shows from the Super Bowl. We'll be in the Bay Area of San Francisco for SB 50 baby!!!!

If you are interested in learning more about podcasts and see a video with the top podcasting minds, click on the ADVERTISING link at the top of the page.