Mr Monday Night is READY!!!!

Coming off a 2-2 weekend by foolishly picking a dog-meat Bears team to play well on the road and a putrid Tampa Bay team to win by a field goal at home on Sunday, Mr Monday Night finishes his first documented week at 4-and-2 with the Steelers and Broncos wins earlier in the week. Tonight is a tough one because I'll be like a fantasy football freak, rooting for my selection, but rooting against the team I picked for the greater good.

Dallas is a 10-pt favorite at home and while the media continues to slobber over the Cowboys first legit SB team in 18 years, the slurp fest sadly will get even louder as this team is finally good enough where they are  "Tony Romo proof"

As a documented Cowboy hater, I must remain objective and point out why this team is so good, while Washington is so bad. Romo finally - after 8 years of piling up meaningless fantasy stats and making crucial decision to kill his team in late season chokes, now no longer is being asked to make that crucial or forced throw that doomed Dallas for almost a decade. With the best Offensive line in the league, the top running back DeMarco Murray looking like Emmitt Smith again and tons of weapons for Romo to sit back and utilize, Romo must feel like Troy Aikman did in the 90's. Romo has 13 tds, only 3 ints so far, 29.8 pts for avg in the last 3 games, favorable schedule facing only 1 major hurdle in Seattle against a defending Sb chance going thru a normal hangover season after winning it all.

Dallas is 6-0 Straight Up and 5-1 against the spread since losing to the Niners, and while The Skins are 12-3 ATS in the last 15 vs Dallas including 7-1 in their last 8. Washington is 0-9 straight up and 2-7 ATS in their last 9 games as road dogs.

Bad decisions, bad owner and knee jerk changes for almost 2 decades has kept Washington mediocre for a long time. RG3 is still not ready and Kirk Cousins has been benched. Any way Colt McCoy can go into Jerry's big house and rekindle some of his Texas magic? As they say in the Metroplex "HELLLLLLL NOOO"

I'll be rooting against them, but using my head in taking the Cowboys minus 10 to lay the Monday Night Smackdown on the dismal Deadskins. So sit back, watch listen to Jon Gruden drool over Dallas and wait for a bad call to go against his brothers team and if you are a Fantasy Player, hope DSean Jackson catches another long bomb td, loses the game and is happy anyway to get his 4th TD of the season. Thus is the way of the NFL fan in 2014. Amen!

For amusement only, of course.