Mr Thursday Night has unsheathed his mighty NFL Opening Selection!

It seems like forever and 7 months, but finally, the NFL is back. Tom Brady's balls are pumped up, Roger Goodell's are neutered and we have Thursday Night, NFL season opening action yo! In addition to releasing my free Thursday, Sunday and Mr Monday Night picks here every week, I will also invite you to play vs me in my Fanduel league. Just go to FANDUEL.COM/BRUNO and play. Only $5 bucks each week. I'll be playing there as well, so we can see who gets it done every week.

We enter week 1 with 26 NFL players suspended for various issues and the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the team affected. Even with Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh wasn't a great rushing team last year and Big Ben has Antonio Brown as perhaps the best overall WR in the NFL and the steady Heath Miller at TE, but with both defenses depleted by off-season defections, I think the advantage tonight goes to New England at home. Brady is one who doesn't need many pre-season snaps, he's extremely motivated.

Pats are favored by 7, the over-under is 49. Raining all day and rain in the forecast tonight at Gillette Stadium; so if you like playing totals - the under looks like the right play.

As for the outcome? MR THURSDAY NIGHT will come out of the tunnel and lay the pts. Amazingly, this game is the highest spread the entire opening NFL weekend where no spread is over 7, and road teams are favored in 7 of the contests. Pats rarely lose at home and won't tonight. Get you popcorn and PSI gauges ready kids!

I would add the "for amusement only" disclaimer, but am never amused when I lose and this is for cash money purposes only, because CAPITALISM!

Good luck and remember, don't drink and drive and don't fricken TEXT and drive either!