Mr Thursday Night Lock - Nov 20th

Time to uncork a TNF selection so Mama can buy the Thansgiving punkin pies and cannolis. The Ray-dahs haven't won a home game since week 8 of last year when they beat the Steelers, have lost their last 16 dating back to last season, and are 0-10 for the first time in franchise history.

Andy Reid's Chiefs are clicking on all cylinders now but are in a potential trap spot tonight thanks to Denver losing at St Louis and those same Broncos the next opponent on SNF a week from Sunday. KC also has the luxury of owning any Wild-Card tiebreakers over New England, Miami and Buffalo so,  will they roll the Raiders who they swept last season and won by 17+ each time, including a 56-31 slaughter at the Coliseum?

The Raiders have covered 1/2 of their games, including both times against the Chargers, so something has to give tonight. Home teams are 6-4 straight up on TNF, 55 ATS

Unlike a certain NBA team in my hometown, the Raiders finally have a franchise QB to build around and they will be fired up for a very rare national TV game.

Having spit out all of the numbers, I will take Oakland plus the 7 1/2. Hoping Andy Reid does what his teams did many times in Philly - play down to the level of their opponent on the road.

I wouldn't sacrifice the turkey and all the trimmings, but a small dessert-only offering will keep us involved on a Thursday night.

For amusement only, of