My thoughts, latest podcast info & MNF pick too!

Lots of developments lately with the podcast, shows and my random thoughts about STUFF! First off, we just have set up a podcast for this THURSDAY, OCT 23RD from 6 to 8pm at the one and only on the Delaware River in the beautiful Penns Landing area of historic Philadelphia. Yes, I know it's only an elevator ride down to the phenomenal 4th floor club room for me, but it'll be a chance to get caught up, and YOU may be part of a limited,  invite only audience in our beautiful building. (Details on your involvement to follow)

After another crazy week in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are the only 6-1 team and seem to have the easiest path to winning the NFC East with 9 games to go.  As America's foremost Cowboy hater (born that way and  properly raised as a yute)..I could go the " wait till December when Romo chokes" route, but this isn't the Dallas team where Romo is asked to bail them out with a dumb forced pass late in a game like the last 8 years. Jerry Jones has micromanaged this team with horrible picks and hiring puppets as coaches and staff for almost 2 decades, but his recent decisions to use top picks on blockers is paying big dividends as the Boys now have the best O Line in the NFL. Put DeMarco Murray behind it - add a host of solid weapons  -and Tony Romo no longer is the sitting duck who to has to carry his team like Russell Wilson in Seattle or Cam Newtown in Carolina are trying to do this season.

Dallas has had 2 scares in the first 6 after losing at home to the 49'ers by 11 pts in the opener;  that furious comeback against the pesky Rams to win by 3 in St Louis, and what looked like a signature win against the Seahawks in Seattle - until we realize that the defending champs are in a rut and haven't played well for 3 straight weeks, starting with that Thursday night debacle where Russell Wilson had to run for over 100 yards to beat Washington. Not taking anything away from Dallas, but it's all about how well your playing and how well your opponent is playing in the ups and downs of an NFL season. Good example is the Eagles shaky 5-and-1 start. Pundits look at how they had to rally to win their first 3 games after brutal starts, but they also had to endure missing 3 of their best O Linemen and that allowed teams to key on stopping the Eagles run game and pressuring Nick Foles to pass with no run threat to worry about. Losing in San Francisco by 5 to a Niners team looking for their first win in the new Levis stadium, the Eagles were held to 22 yards rushing, no offensive TD's and stayed in it because of 3 scores from defense and special teams. The moral to the story is you win the games your supposed to and stay healthy, you should make the playoffs. In their final 9,  Dallas has a tough Arizona team and the Indy Colts both at home. They should win at Jacksonville and what looked like a potential loss on paper at Chicago, now could be an easy win based on whether the bumbling Bears right the ship or continue to fall apart as the season moves on.  The final 5 vs NFC East teams will eventually determine if Dallas is a 10-11-12 or maybe even a 13 win team?

The Eagles have a killer schedule going TO Arizona, Houston and Green Bay 3 of the next 4 weeks. They get an up and down Carolina team at home, should beat Tennessee at home and who knows which Seattle team they'll see with 4 games left to go in the season. Dallas twice, and going for the sweeps against Washington and the Giants on the road will also probably decide if they win the division or get a wild card. 9-7, 10-6 or even 11-wins might be the best the bird gang can pull off if  the O-L health and run game allow this high powered offense to keep scoring points. The rapidly improving defense and stunning special teams play are also the X factors that could make the Eagles very dangerous if all 3 facets of the team click down the stretch, but if Dallas stays healthy and doesn't run DeMarco Murray into the ground with too many carries, the Cowboys chokers label would become billboard sized if they don't win the NFC East this year.

Locks of Luck! People have been wondering where my damn NFL picks have been and I apologize for not getting them up here. Lost my Monday Night Pick last week when the Rams imploded against the Niners, but TONIGHT, I will look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to show up at home and  find a way to beat and cover the 3 pts against the Houston Texans. Steelers have been erratic and hard to figure this season, but if they stink it up tonight, this could be the start of a major shakeup for the once mighty Stihlers.  All over the Packers and Broncos on Sunday: Simply stealing money!

Speaking of betting. Congrats to NJ Gov  Chris Christie for finally signing the sports betting bill into law. Sadly, this is about 4 years too late. Many of the casinos are failing and the top reason is NOT having sports betting to give thousands incentive to hang out in AC every Saturday and Sunday from Sept thru the long cold winter beyond March madness and the returning crowds when weather improves in the spring. With all of the brilliant minds out there, why couldn't they see this is what was needed to combat the surge of Casinos in the Philly area?  Now, the hypocrites who run the NFL and other sports leagues are suing to have this stopped being implemented  this Sunday. The NFL, which gleefully promotes the gazillion dollar Fantasy Football gambling racket -  and has no problem with Vegas casinos taking action - is among the leagues suing to stop NJ sports betting.  Even freakin Delaware has parlay betting for several years and that gets lots of  action on Sundays in the Diamond state.  How many thousands of jobs would be saved with casino gambling in AC?  Billions are spent illegally on the NFL alone every year and which jobs are those dollars creating? Hey, I get it, Uncle Nunzio is adding an addition to his joint in Somers Point, NJ and needs a new heart shaped tub at his Pocono Mountain retreat, but those who can't go to AC for a weekend of gambling, eating, drinking and spending money will still call the local bookie, so it's just stupid to fight it. I thought America was in favor of "choice". Not when it comes to gambling apparently.

Again, thanks for checking in. If you want to be an invited guest  for this Thursdays podcast taping at Dockside, please contact and tell her why you should be here. Our next open to all podcast is next Thursday, Oct 30th at the world famous Tony Luke's in South Philadelphia. Note: this is a daytime taping from Noon to 2pm. We'll help kick off the Toys for Tots campaign to help less fortunate kids have a gift to open this upcoming Holiday and Christmas season.