PodCast 2? Up and thankfully, not LIVE.


Thanks to all who requested a private invite to our Dockside Condopodcast taping Thursday night in the beautiful game room in the lovely place I call home.

More growing pains as we couldn't utlilize our "new and improved" internet based phone system with a toll free number to involve callers and guests with crystal clear sound. My 6 year old Sony Vaio laptop wasn't getting solid Wifi, so we had to scrap it and go back to shaky Sprint cell phone service again.

This is precisely why we haven't tried to rush into live streaming as we currently can stop taping and fix any technical issues; sort of like most TV shows and Movies where taping 2 hours takes 3 or more to get it right.  At the end of the night(notice I didn't say "end of the day" because I hate that cliche') it all worked out and we appreciate the patience of those in attendance. Luckily, we had the pool table, piano and other lovely amenities to keep the crew occupied, plus twitter legend and emerging star Joe Corrado brought a quality fifth of Vladmir Vodka to amuse and amaze us with the first ever "Crappy Vodka Cran Challenge!"

Want to thank Charles Barkley, John Avello at Wynn, Las Vegas, Kyle Scott from CrossingBroad.com, Tony Luke Jr and all of the guests who were there with us.

This page will give you more because you want more in the days ahead. By Sunday morning, we will have a "Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Locks" link at the top of the webpage where I will release my Sunday NFL selections, Mr Monday Night and Mr Thursday Night picks ABSOLUTELY FREE!  We will ask you just click a quick survey to get the picks in lieu of having to pay for picks as you would on other sites. Not knocking or discouraging you to not use those who do this for a living, but you get what you pay for and "tread lightly" as my pal Walt White would say.

Want to also thank CrossingBroad.com, BleedingGreenNation.com, Yahoo Sports Radio and now Stitcher.com for being a part of our growing family. Stitcher is a greap APP which streams many great podcasts to folks on mobile devices and we're happy they have added ours to their lineup. So, now you have no excuse not to take the Podcast with you anywhere!

Have a great weekend. I will not be doing my normal Friday #BrunoBash with Keith Olbermann on ESPN 2 this Friday afternoon at 5pm. No, it's not the Ebola fears in NYC. Keith is off and we don't do it when he's not there.

Don't forget, next podcast taping is next Thursday, October 30thfrom noon to 2pmat Tony Luke's in South Phila. Hope to see you there as we kick off the annual Toys for Tots campaign. You could win 50-thousand dollars!

Go to www.delawarevalleyabate.com/toysfortots.htm