PodCast Number 2 taping tonight!

Seems like a month ago, but we resume the podcast action with our 2nd taping tonight from 6 to 8pm at the Residences at Dockside.  Since this is a private building on the Delaware River in Penns Landing with limited parking for guests , we have invited a small group of listeners who emailed Miss Robin and we look forward to seeing you guys. The podcast should be up on the site by 10pm for all to hear. Lots to talk about! NFL remains king as even the MNF game between Pittsburgh and Houston on ESPN outdrew the World Series game 1 on Fox. Why?  We'll explore.

Phila Eagles about to get back into action after the bye week and have a tough stretch in the next month that could decide - at the minimum - whether than will repeat as NFC East champs or settle for a wild card. Arizona has not been kind to the Birds and we'll break it down at levels not often times heard on boring over-the-air radio pablum.

NBA about to crank up for real next week. And I feel honored to discuss it in the "Mecca of mediocrity", The "Temple of Tanking"  Philadelphia Pa, home of one of the NBA's storied franchises. The  Phila 76'ers got a win most fans actually like from the owners this week.  Most know my sentiments on this issue and the league owners about face on Draft Lottery reform was more head scratching than most of the elections about to take place.

If you don't get why the pro sports leagues and college outfits want to stop Atlantic City from saving itself with court proceedings to stop legalized sports betting at the suddenly sinking shore resort, we'll get an expert view from the epicenter of sports betting. John Avelo from Wynn Las Vegas will explain why legalized gambling works and what he thinks of the fight to stop it in AC.

Kyle Scott of Crossingbroad.com will give us some of the best of the worst in sports. Twitter legend and week 1 sensation Joe @Corrado_19 will be in the house and a very special appearance from the legendary "MAMA Bruno".

We have a new way to improve the first week cell phone issues with guests and callers and will unsheathe it tonight on the podcast.

Also working to update this blog and add more content on a daily basis. Will start post a separate: Original, Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Lock  section to release my weekly NFL Thursday, Sunday and Mr Monday Night picks.

Our next podcast is next Thursday, Oct 30th from Noon to 2pm at Tony's Luke - Front and Oregon in South Philly.  All are welcomed to stop by, grab a great Tony Luke's cheesesteak and help us kick start the annual Toys for Tots drive for less fortunate children in the Delaware Valley.