Stone Cold, Week 15, Need Some Damn Christmas Cash, LEAD PIPE LOCKS!

I've been hotter than Mrs Claus 2 days after Christmas over the last week and hope to keep it going as we start to focus on the teams that matter and those who flat out want to go home for the holidays.


6 and 1 in my last 7 selections and trying to fill the stockings with cash and "2 chix at the same time" who usually fill those stockings very nicely as well,  but that's not important right now. Lots of high price spreads today and I will dabble with a couple of them.


I will start out in Kansas City. Andy Reid's boys have been fading faster than a December spray tan in South Philly,  and their small playoff hopes all ride on what they can do against a Raiders team that ambushed them in Oakland a couple of weeks ago for their first win. Raiders proceeded to lose by 52 as they were gearing up fir their SB game vs the Niners. Now, Double Revenge in play; the price is high, but I expect beat down and a cover of the 10-pt spread at Arrowhead.


I'll head to Foxboro next and expect the Pats to end the misery for the Miami. Time to release the marine mammals to their natural habitat as Miami is heading south for the winter as a season of hopes fades faster than a real tan on South Beach in December. Take the Pats, put a log on the fire and watch Tom Brady slice and dice some fresh sushi. Patriots - 7 1/2.


Next, yet another spread higher than the over-rated coffee offerings at Starbucks.  Seattle will end a miserable season for the once mighty Niners as Russell Wilson continues to show why he's the MVP of the NFL. He owns the Niners, is in their heads and expect Jim Harbaugh to start taking calls about that Michigan job during the post game press conference. Seahawks are a 9 1/2 pt favorite at home and won't let down after a beat down on the road in Philly last week.


And finally, I'll go to Detroit. Wait, I won't go TO Detroit, and I won't even take Detroit. Lions are 8 pt favs against a division rival, but usually fail to cover after bloiwing someone out the week before. I'll take the Vikings PLUS 8 at Ford field for a hot-dog with all the fixins please.


For your Holiday amusement only and use only as directed!