The Supe Is Finally On! SB49 Lock

Another fun week of catching up with friends from all over the nation as SB 49 kickoff approaches. Sat down an realized this is my 28th Super Bowl and feeling the love and respect of your former co-workers, peers and new found friends from all over reinforces how fortunate I have been in my long career and how many wonderful people I've been blessed to know. For the first time in a long time, I spent all week trying to play this game out in my head and never could visualize how it ends. No matter who you speak with - players, coaches, fans; we all have the same ability to guess wrong.

Since I'm not an apologist for either team, I feel my pick will be based on impartial analysis, not rooting or gambling interests.

To me, this game means so much more to the Patriots than the Seahawks and one thing is undeniable, Bill Belichick rarely - if ever - gets out coached.

We've seen them not even try to run the football when the opponent was stout against the run and Tom Brady picked them apart thru the air. We've seen them pound the rock with Lagarette Blount when they know they can really make things more difficult for the opponents with a balanced attack.

As great as the Seattle defense has been the last few years, the Seattle offense still relies on running the rock first, and Russell Wilson rarely has to air it out to a pedestrian receiving corps to win games. Green Bay kept him in it and Wilson can steal a game if the opponent fails to deliver the dagger.

Pats won't settle for Field Goals if they get some turnovers and that is the biggest difference to me.

Therefore, I'm taking the Patriots and laying the short 1 to 1- 1/2 pt spread. Tomorrow, we can commence the "Is Tom Brady the best of all time" and "Dynasty" talk all over again.

Enjoy!   For amusement only, of course.