The verdict is in. Eagles should just tank for Mariota now!

First off, as most of you know, I AM PHILLY thru and thru. No one is more demonized, energized or pasteurized when it comes to watching my teams, but NO team dredges up the kind of vitriol and silliness we see and hear like the Philadelphia Eagles. In an era when fans - and even some "media" - are self proclaimed "experts", we have become so obsessed with winning a SB, we are willing to discard even what appears to be a quick reboot after 13 years of Andy Reid.

And as we saw during the Randall Cunningham era, and the Donovan McNabb era, we want our guys who are supposed to win us that elusive Lombardi trophy to succeed, yet reserve the right to deem them inept when they fail to do so.

Athletes and coaches know this is how it works, but in this day or social media and 24/7 talk radio and TV punditry, we seem to be terribly confused about how we go about getting what we want.

Nick Foles is the latest Eagle QB who is under the weekly -" he can't play" - microscope - and the weekly - "he's not Chip's guy" drumbeat resonates and keeps radio shows phones lit and message boards buzzing. I get that.

What I don't get is the lack of patience or logic by many  fans who follow the tide like many of the sheep who repeat the tired talking points blathered by politicians trying to convince you they are the answer to your city, state and nations woes.

Is Nick Foles a SB QB?  That question is impossible to answer based on what it takes to actually win a SB. It takes making the playoffs and then being part of a team where all pieces come together for a few weeks; key players being healthy, fewer mistakes , sprinkle in a few big plays and then you - like Eli Manning 2x - and so many others, get to call yourself SB champs.

I get just as frustrated as most when seeing a sloppy game with tons of penalties, 3 turnovers and expect to win against one of the best defenses by going 80 yards in just over a minute, but when it doesn't happen, I look at the bigger picture, not the last 73 seconds.

The QB is always going to get the blame, but especially Nick Foles, because, after all, he's "not Chip's guy" because Chip needs a "mobile QB to run his offense"  Never in my 40 years of following sports have so many been so wrong at guessing what they think they know about a coach - his thoughts or intentions - than with Chip Kelly. If he NEEDED a mobile QB to run his offense, why did he DRAFT Matt Barkley and then after jettisoning Mike Vick, pick up another immobile QB like Mark Sanchez?  I'll stand by and await your answer in the comment section below.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I know more than anyone else. I'm just not dumb enough to pretend I do. The most preposterous reactionary response burning up Twitter after last nights loss in Arizona is the sudden decision that a 5-and-2 team with 4 shaky wins and its only 2 losses against very good teams, should just say "screw it" and get ready to draft Marcus Mariota. Why? Because Oregon, and yes, don't forget, he's "Chips guy!" Luckily, people around the country don't really get to hear and see this kind of knee jerk impatience and insanity. Do other cities over-react? Just look at NY. Giants fans have "2 in the bank" yet always jump on Eli or Tom Coughlin when the Giants go into funks or look lost.

Having lived thru some of the worst eras in Philly sports history, I've learned that thinking you can have someone else's QB is just the dreams of frustrated fans starving for a SB. Each week, someone else is the guy we WISH we had: Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ben Rothlisberger, Russell Wilson(because he carries his team when his guys don't seem to care as much) Colin Kaepernick..etc. Yes, you can have those guys impatient fans. Just trade and draft hem in your world of make believe Fantasy Leagues because they aren't playing Sunday in Houston for the Philadelphia Eagles.

BTW,  did you go back and watch the game and see Chip Kelly not challenging a bad spot at the one which would have given the Eagles a first down, and a chance to run down the clock, score a TD on 4 tries from the one yard line and go up 7?

Did you see rookie Josh Huff's huge mistake fumbling at the 2 yard line as the Eagles were driving for points? Did you see the defense give up 2 long Td's, including the game winner after the Eagles squandered a chance to make it a 7 pt game, leaving little time on the clock for Arizona to drive the field? Nope. You only saw one thing. Nick Foles throw 2 interceptions, backpeddle, avoid sacks and throw numerous balls away rather than hold on too long and fumble away against constant blitzes.  So now, being logical fans, you either want Mark Sanchez to be named the starter -  yes the same Mark Sanchez you laughed at with the Jets - or just go ahead and crown Dallas as division winners(which I said they would do weeks ago) and then give up 2 first round picks to move up and take a guy who is 6th in Pac 12 in completions, 5th in his own average conference in passing yds and 4th in his own conference in TD passes, but, but, but.  He's "Chip's guy" and he's OREGON, and he RUNS!

Listen, I'm not rooting against the kid and I never do to any rising star, but the Eagles aren't the Raiders who have been trying to find a QB and wasting top draft picks for a decade hoping to find him. They aren't Houston, the Jets, Buffalo, Tennessee, Minnesota or the myriad other teams who hit the reset button having to take a first round QB every other year and then settling on a used -up veteran to win some games when those young guys aren't ready to be "the guy". The Eagles are a good, young team and have 9 more games to prove they are a contender or not good enough yet. I prefer patience and growing pains over the panic and silliness I see and hear around here. You can live in your "fantasy" world and dream on!