Tonight's the NIGHT!

  I'm back!

Haven't been this nervous or excited about a new venture in decades and some have told me that's a good sign.

We start the new Tony Bruno Show - "the Podcast" tonight from 7 to 9 at the Jughandle Inn on Rt 73 in Cinnaminson, NJ so the loyal fans can be a part of it and I thank you for all of the loyal support over the last 3 plus months.

Expect the same fun approach I've brought to the radio for 40 years along with surprise guests, t-shirt and other giveways and  we'll mix in some phone calls as we iron out that system and will have a microphone for YOU to step up and speak your mind without the micromanaged phone line screening you get on local radio.

Excited to have Kyle Scott and the Crossing site involved as well. It has become the go-to destination for the Philly sports and off the field events that we all crave and need to know in these days of social media info that you can't get on paranoid and PC obsessed terrestrial radio. Don't want to knock the radio biz I love, but just stating facts about having flexibility which seemingly no longer exists. We will be responsible and respectful while trying to maintain the snarky humor and irreverence being a sports fan brings out of all of us.

My partner, confidant and most loyal supporter Miss Robin Austin will also be a part of the live shows, adding the female opinions and perspectives she brought to our national "Into the Night" shows from LA. Without her tireless efforts to build the website, go through walls to get the podcast, sponsors and technical stuff needed to pull this off, I wouldn't be able to get this new program up and running. She will post the podcast late tonight and yes, they will be available through this website and are supposed to be on iTunes as well. Also want to thank Drew Montemayor, who helped immensely with the design and art work on the site. You can see more of his great work at

Hopefully, there won't be many glitches on our maiden voyage. We are hoping to bring a live stream of the show in the near future, so listeners can hear it live and call in during the show. Our new "Beautiful" t-shirts will be available soon as well. You will be able to purchase them in our store and we've made them very affordable in a world of overpriced stuff. Once they arrive, we will give some away at each event to further thank you for supporting the show and sponsors.

Hope to shake you hand, slap your back and kiss your babies tonight at the Jughandle Inn. Kevin and Nicole Stone aren't just great business owners and loyal supporters over the years, they are truly great friends and we appreciate their support. We will do the show from 7 to 9 and then hang out to have some wings and quality products with you afterwards. And yes, Mr Monday Night WILL unsheath a "Stone Cold, Mr MN Lead Pipe LOCK!

Oh, and btw, it is national "No Bra Day", so ladies, dress accordingly. I don't make the rules, I simply pass along the information as any true journalist would.