We are officially going INTOtheNIGHT again! - TBS 02/16/15

We are perfecting a new OPENING THEME Song and are considering taking listener submissions again! So if you or someone you know, is musically inclined, please contact MissRobinAustin@gmail.com with your .mp3 to be considered. Opening up the show with some SNL 40TH recap along with diving into the NBA All Star weekend festivities that were.

Last weeks "Best Hair Band Ballads" was a HUGE success. So many people reacting on Social Media and calling in. Tony loves this "Stream of conciousness" stuff, so we'll continue. Make sure to listen and call in to contribute on furture shows!

Luigi Curto was manning the phones as usual.

Jose From Norristwon was called to the confesional by a body of his peers to come forward about calling other radio shows.

We played some fantastically horrific winter themed songs and one that Tony claims to be the best one ever.

Enjoy and join us LIVE next Monday Feb 23rd from 8-10pm