Week 14 Stone Cold, Wind Blown NFL Locks

While college football fans cry about the top 4 teams in the new playoff and which meaningless bowl games they'll try to see if they could afford to travel to a less than ideal place in late December, we're dealing with the big boys and crunch time where it matters most - the National Football League!

Hopefully, Sundays will never be the same for me - aka last week - when I took a worst beating than Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate runoff.

Started the week with an easy Dallas TNF win over the woeful Chicago Bears, and have 4 selections for this D Day, Sunday Dec 7th.

Heading to Miami where the Dolphins have been remarkably resiliant this year to stay alive in the slim chances of making a wild card run in the AFC. Baltimore has a huge disappointment last week and desperately needs a win to stay alive in a still winnable division race. Taking the RAVENS getting 3 in Miami.

The Steelers have been another weird team and somehow remain alive as well. They help their own cause (and the Ravens) as well in Cincy where I see another outright underdog win on the road. Pittsburgh +3

Colts at Cleveland. Browns are up and down, Colts are UP right now and while Browns 1st round bust Trent Richardson is all worried about jumping into the dog pound if he actually scores a rare TD for Indy, Andrew Luck will be finding legit contributors (most notably himself) to put Cleveland out of its misery. Colts - 3 1/2

Finally, I should touch this turkey but I see the Rams going into DC and fleecing this discombobulated team in their own sad, lifeless stadium. Fail to the Deadskins! Rams -3. It'll be Washington players with their hands up at the end of this mess.

For amusement only!