We'll Do It LIVE at 6PM eastern.....

As we keep promising every week, our Podcast is doing things to get better and better every week, and tonight - thanks to Miss Robin - We will do our first ever LIVE podcast from a safe and controlled environment. Much like Nik Walenda,  I will do this show without a harness as we dangle 16 floors about the Delaware River at the Dockside Condo Bruno radio network studios. If it goes really well, the last half hour will be done blindfolded! Our test run this afternoon went very well on blogtalk radio site and you will be able to listen live and call in to 914-219-0864 Option 1 on www.tonybrunoshow.me between 6 and 8pm eastern time. For those who can't listen and participate live, the entire show will be recorded and put up on the website www.tonybrunoshow.me this even.

We'll chat NFL with Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network who's is one of the top 100 "must follow" accounts on Twitter @MovetheSticks. I hear a rumor that a voice from the past will be checking in too. Could it be Courtney Cummings?

Gotta get my boy Jose from Norristown on to break down some NBA and Hockey action yo!

Thanks for all of the tremendous support!  Our Podcast has cracked the top 10 of the "new and noteworthy" shows on I tunes.  Pretty freaking cool, no?

We're hoping to bust out 2 shows next week and will let you know where and when as soon as humanly possible.

Special thanks to our great friend Brian Gutherman whose company has reached out to help us make this show technically better.